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Trust Status For Whatsapp | Short Trust Status | New Trust Status 2017

1. Trust is like a mirror, Once it’s broken its never the same.

2. A promise means ‘Everything’ but once it is broken, sorry means ‘Nothing’.

3. Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.

4. If you trust someone, trust till the end whatever the results might be, at the end, either you will have a very good friend or a very good lesson.

5. My love is unconditional. My trust and my respect are not.

6. Trust is the key to the relationship, If you can’t trust then why be together.

7. Whats hurts me most is not that you did hurt me but it’s that trusting someone is so hard for me now.

8. Trust to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

9. I’ve had so many knives stuck into me when they and me a flower I can’t quite make out what it is. It takes time.

10. Never lie to who trust you, never trust those who lie to you.

11. Trust is like a mirror easily fixed back you can still see the cracks.

12. In a relation, trust is more important than love. Trust will enhance your love.

13. Trust doesn’t come with a refill. Once it’s gone, you probably won’t get it back, and if you do, it will never be the same. That’s a fact.

14. Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.

15. Look back and thank God. Look forward and trust God. He closes doors no man can open and he opens doors no man can close.

16. Never trust anyone second time because one who can make mistake one time can also repeat it.

17. The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth.

18. A relationship with no trust is like a call phone with no service. All you can do is play games.

19. I’ve learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

20. You can’t constantly lie and expect people to trust you.

Broken Trust Status Quotes For Relationships

21. Why do banks luck their pens to the desk? if I’m trusting you with my money, don’t you think you can trust me with your pen?

22. Relationships are about trust. If you have to play detective, then it’s time to move on.

23. Whenever the people are well- informed, they can be trusted with their own government.

24. Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.

25. When I give you may time, I’m giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back. Please don’t make me regret it.

26. Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing.

27. It’s funny how the people that hurt you the most, are the ones that swore they never would.

28. Always trust your gut. It known what your head hasn’t figured out yet.

29. It’s hard to trust someone the second time around after they already gave you one reason not to trust them.

30. People ask me why is it so hard to trust people. I ask, why is it so hard to keep a promise.

40. Trust takes years to build, Second to break, and always to fix.

Love Trust Status In English | Latest Trust Quotes

41. Breaking someone’s trust is like crumpling up a perfect piece of paper. You can smooth it over but it’s never going to be the same again.

42. Don’t trust too much, don’t hope too much because that ‘too much’ can hurt you so much.

43. Never trust someone who lies to you and never lie to someone who puts all their trust into you.

44. A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games.

45. Trust is like a paper once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect again.

46. A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere.

47. I don’t trust easily so when I tell you. I trust you. Don’t make me regret it.

48. Maybe it’s hard to forgive, but to trust again is the hardest.

49. Trust is the first step of any relationship.

50. Three things you should never break: Trust, Promise and someone’s Heart.

51. Only trust someone who can see these three things in you; your smile the love behind your anger, the reason behind your silence.

52. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.

53. It’s wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears.

54. Once you have really hurt someone, it will always be in the back of their mind even if they still have a smile on their face.

55. People ask me why it’s so hard to trust people, and I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise.

56. To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.

57. You may not always trust the people you love, but you can always love the people you trust.

58. Even if we trust our interlocutors, we still think that they are more sincere with us than with anyone else.

59. A relationship without trust is like an iPod without music – there’s no point of having one.

60. Trust no-one. Even your Shadow leaves you in darkness!

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